Messy Play with Hippo & Friends

Home-made messy play with Kim, Kole & Bathtime Buddies.

Messy Play with Hippo & Friends

Home-made messy play with Kim, Kole & Bathtime Buddies.

Ever since my daughter Kole was weaned onto solid foods at 6 months old, we have enjoyed getting messy! Whether it’s at baby groups or at home. She loves the feel and smell of new and different textures, and has never been shy of giving new things a go!

Kole is 10 months old, and like all babies everything goes into her mouth!  An important factor for me when creating messy play for her is everything needs to be edible or something that she cannot choke on, if and more to the point when she puts it into her mouth. I stay with her at all time whilst she is playing to ensure she is safe and to watch her having fun exploring new things!

Before you start the play session, make sure the area is protected with plastic sheets and towels!

A new meaning to Alphabet Spaghetti


Kole loved digging around finding the different letters and mixing the colourful spaghetti up! The spaghetti was getting stuck to her arms and legs, it was fun to watch her look confusingly at this and then peel it off and wave her hands around until it became unstuck from her fingers and drop to the floor.

On a messy scale of 1-10, I’d give this one a 5!



Separate cooked spaghetti into 3 food bags, pour in a tablespoon of oil and a couple of teaspoons of food colouring. Shake it about and leave for an hour for the colour to set. Pat spaghetti with some kitchen roll to remove excess food colouring.

Pour the spaghetti into a big bowl and hide some Bathtime Buddies Alphabet Set letters or anything you wish inside. Babies & toddlers will have lots of fun finding them!

Dotty Duck Custard


Kole loved banging the spoon and watching the custard jump up and down and fly into the air! Very messy! She then swirled the duck around the custard pond, watching as the food colouring followed the dotty duck.

On a messy scale of 1-10, I’d give this one a 7!



Pour the custard onto a tray or anything you have available. Dot a small amount of food colouring around which the child can make swirls in with their little fingers or a spoon.

Water Creatures Jelly


Kole’s favourite bathtime toys are her Bathtime Buddies Squeak & Squirts and when she saw them in the jelly, she went straight over to pick one up. She looked very puzzled that the squirter seemed to be stuck in what I’m guessing she though was coloured water! With a little tug she managed to get one out. She was reluctant to hold or touch the jelly; it was maybe still a little cold. With some encouragement she patted and pushed the jelly around my hand.

This is around a number 8 on the messy scale.



Make the jelly according to the pack directions, once it’s cooled place your Bathtime Buddies Squeak and Squirts into the jelly and pop into the fridge until it has set. Take out of the fridge and leave jelly to reach room temperature. Jelly straight from the fridge is too cold for little fingers.

Kim, Product Manager at Bathtime Buddies.

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