Here at Bathtime Buddies, we have a range of exciting products to make bathtime fun and educational. With over 25 years of experience, we know how to make the bathtime routine something to really look forward to for both you and your little one. With lots of fantastic products to choose from, from Bath Crayons to Soapy Foam there’s something for everyone!

Alphabet Set

Colourful letters stick to the bath or tiles, help your little one learn their ABCs.

Bath & Shower Wash

This bath & shower wash is so gentle for little one’s skin.

Bath Crayons

Scribble, doodle, write and play, get colourful and clean in one go!

Bath Mirror

This fun and colourful starfish shaped mirror helps to stimulate your child’s senses

Bath Tidy

Store bathtime toys tidily in this handy net bag.

Family Fun Ducks

Have fun in the tub stimulating your child’s senses with the Bathtime Buddies duck family.

Fun Sponge

Make Bathtime fun with these bright sponges!

Mouldable Bath Soap

Sculpt and create shapes while getting clean!

Soapy Foam

Squirt and sculpt Soapy Foam for brilliant bathtime play.

Stacking Cups

Have a Whale of a time in the tub with our character Cups!

Super Soft Facecloth

Play in the water with your favourite Bathtime Buddies friend!

Super Soft Wash Mitt

Splash and play in the tub with the super soft penguin Wash Mitt for endless fun!

Toothbrush Duo

The Bathtime Buddies toothbrush is perfect for those little hands and mouths.

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